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Course FAQ

Is the training certified..?

Yes, on successful completion of the course, you will receive Accredited Certification.

How long is the course..?

Dependant on the experience of the delegates, depends on the length of the course, however, the course generally lasts between 2 and 4 hours.

Do you carry out training onsite..?

Yes, as long as there are adequate class room and welfare facilities available.

Is face fit testing a legal requirment..?

Yes, it is! Learn more about it here.

Training Course Dates

  • FaceFit Bath
  • FaceFit Birmingham
  • FaceFit Bradford
  • FaceFit Cambridge
  • FaceFit Carlisle
  • FaceFit Chester
  • FaceFit Chichester
  • FaceFit City of London
  • FaceFit Coventry
  • FaceFit Derby
  • FaceFit Durham
  • FaceFit Edinburgh
  • FaceFit Ely
  • FaceFit Glasgow
  • FaceFit Gloucester
  • FaceFit Hereford
  • FaceFit Kingston upon Hull
  • FaceFit Lancaster
  • FaceFit Leeds
  • FaceFit Leicester
  • FaceFit Lichfield
  • FaceFit  Lincoln
  • FaceFit Liverpool
  • FaceFit Manchester
  • FaceFit Newcastle upon Tyne
  • FaceFit Newport
  • FaceFit Norwich
  • FaceFit  Nottingham
  • FaceFit Oxford
  • FaceFit Peterborough
  • FaceFit Preston
  • FaceFit Ripon
  • FaceFit Salford
  • FaceFit Salisbury
  • FaceFit Sheffield
  • FaceFit St Albans
  • FaceFit St Davids
  • FaceFit Stirling
  • FaceFit Stoke-on-Trent
  • FaceFit Sunderland
  • FaceFit Wakefield
  • FaceFit Wells
  • FaceFit Westminster
  • FaceFit Winchester
  • FaceFit Wolverhampton
  • FaceFit Worcester
  • FaceFit York

face-fit-certificate for face fit around lancashire and yorkshire

Face Fit Tests around Lancashire and Yorkshire stop lung cancer

Take The Face Fit Mask Test With Our Expert Face Fit Training

A Face Fit Test will be completed on site with Accessible Ltd with their expert face fit testers around Lancashire and Yorkshire, we will come to site and take care of the face fit testing for your staff. We offer face fit training to the North West, around Lancashire and Yorkshire, and around the UK. We deliver the best face fit test to each operative to make sure you as an employer, comply with current face fit regulatory legislation and that your staffs breathing is protected from work related breathing difficulties.

It is a mandatory legal requirement, under section 7 of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) 2002:-

An employer in Lancashire and Yorkshire, you must provide the correct training in the use and care of respirators and Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and Face Fit Tests in Lancashire and Yorkshire Must be carried out with this equipment.

Many types of industry, during their work process, can generate hazardous substances, resulting in a requirement for Face Fit Training & Testing .

Work activities can result in harmful substances contaminating the air in the form of dust, mist, gas or fume. For example:

  • Cutting a material such as stone, concrete or wood
  • Using a liquid containing solvents
  • Handling  dust and powder

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)

Is designed to protect the wearer from hazards and has to be adequate and suitable to ensure the wearer is protected.

In order to ensure your RPE is adequate and suitable, you must make sure:

  • Your Staffs RPE fits, and is suitable for the task in hand and fits the wearer
  • You have arranged Face Fit Tests in Lancashire and Yorkshire for your staff, with the RPE they use and recorded the findings
  • That the RPE does not interfere with other protective equipment
  • The Staff are Face Fit trained to wear it and are supervised
  • Staff follow the manufacturers’ instructions for use
  • The RPE is stored or disposed of, whichever is the case

What is RPE? Find out here.

Accessible Ltd have experienced qualified face fit testers, who will come to your site, and complete Face Fit Tests on your staff and demonstrate how to fit their RPE correctly, so they know and understand, how that mask will feel on their face, when it is correctly fit.

Once the Face Fit training is complete, we will individually Face Fit test each member of staff, with their RPE, we record and document the findings, for your records, in order for you to comply with current best practice and legislation.

Failure to comply with Face Fit Testing legislation, not only puts your staff members, long term health at risk but could have real consequences to your business operations and leave your directors and managers open to a very real risk of prosecution under the corporate manslaughter act 2009, which may result in large fines or prison.

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